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Rating details

Service Rated restaurant 4.5

Price Rated restaurant 4.3

Food Rated restaurant 4.1

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Recommended Menu

The Delicious 3B Burger

Mozzarella and Herb Risotto Balls on Tomato Sauce

Crispy Calamari and Pomelo Salad with Chili

Mexican Shrimp and Taco Salad with Creamy Coriander Dressing

delish Carrot Cake

  • Type of Food Asian Food,Western
  • Address House 215Street 13Phnom Penh,Cambodia
  • Contact 012 802 072
  • Average Price $5 to $10.0
  • Open Hours








Located near the National Museumyou'll discover Friends the Restaurant a vibrant and colourful vocational training restaurant. Serving up share plates of creative cuisine with influences from across the globerefreshing cocktails and fresh juicesyou can see why Friends is one of Cambodia's longest running and best-loved restaurants. 100% of profits are reinvested into the education of students in training and Mith Samlanh's social programs. Check out Friends 'n' Stuff for products that changes lives and Friends Nail Bar next door!

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Reviews from customers

hengher.planb Rated restaurant 4.3

ហាងនេះមានការៀបចំបានល្អ​​ទាំងខាងក្នុងហើយនឺងក្រៅ សំរាប់សេវាកម្មវិញរហាស់ទាន់ចិត្ត បុគ្គលិករូសរាយរាក់ទាក សំរាប់​ Hamburger មានរស់ជាតិឆ្ងាញ់គឺអាចទទួលយកបាន ជាពិសេសមានកាបញ្ចុះតម្លៃសម្រាប់កាតសមាជិក។

Piseth AG Rated restaurant 4.3

ខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តញុាំ hamburger នៅហាងនេះ ព្រោះវាមានការតុបតែងបានស្អាត និង គួរអោយទាក់ទាញ។ ពេលខ្ញុំ stress ខ្ញុំតែងតែទៅរំសាយអារម្មព៍នៅហាងនេះ ព្រោះមានបរិយាកាសល្អ

Chhun Chamrong Rated restaurant 4.3

The environment is so good. Recommend for foreigners. I like how it can help many poor children by training how to know about hospitality services in serving food. Food is creative, not really local food but we can enjoy the taste.

Chantrea Sngoun

Their staffs are friends too.

Phou Lin

So interesting I will try this restaurant too

Anda No-Love Rated restaurant 4.3

ខ្ញុំតែងតែទៅរំសាយអារម្មណ៍នៅហាងនេះ ព្រោះមានបរិយាកាសល្អ​ ហើយមាន hamburger ឆ្ងាញ់ៗទៀតតម្លៃសមរម្យ បុគ្គលិករស់រាយរាក់ទាក់

Buntha Nara Mon Rated restaurant 3.7

ខ្ញុំបានទៅម្តងដែរជាមួយមិត្តភ័គ្រខ្ញុំគឹបរិយាកាសនៅទីនោះល្អ។ ការរៀបចំមានរបៀបរៀបរយល្អណាស់ ចំពើអាហារក៏មានរស់ជាតិប្លែក។ តម្លៃសមរម្យ សេវាកម្មរហ័ស មិនឲ្យយើងអង្គុយរងចាំយូទេ។ ហើយខ្ញុំតែងតែទៅខ្ចប់ប៊ឺហ្គឺយកមកញ៉ាំនៅផ្ទះជានិច្ច។

Seng Kim Yin Rated restaurant 4.0

ប៊ឺហ្គឺគឺជាម្ហូបអាហារដែលមានការច្នៃប្រឌិតមិនមែនជាអាហារក្នុងស្រុកទេប៉ុន្តែយើងអាចរីករាយនឹងរសជាតិ។ការរៀបចំមានរបៀបរៀបរយល្អណាស់ តម្លៃសមរម្យ សេវាកម្មរហ័ស

Chantrea Sngoun Rated restaurant 0.0

If you have friends from abroad then this is the best place to take them there. They have good food and a good story behind their startup too. Love their services and food.

Restaurant Information

  • $5 - $10.0
  • Yes, we're open! Today's hours are 11:00am - 10:30pm.

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012 802 072