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Rating details

Service Rated restaurant 3.9

Price Rated restaurant 3.9

Food Rated restaurant 4.1

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Pork jowl

Pure Honey Lemon Tea

Japanese Fried Noodle

  • Type of Food Japanese
  • Address 128 No. 789Kampuchea Krom BlvdPhnom Penh 12000,Cambodia
  • Contact 023 929 999
  • Average Price $4.0 to $10.0
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Ajison Ramen is one of the most popular Japan-based chain of fast food restaurants which currently has over 400 represented franchaise world wide such as JapanAustraliaCanadaChinaGuamIndonesiaMalaysiaVietnamthe PhilippinesSingaporeSouth KoreaThailandand the United States. It has finally made its way to Cambodia for the first time ready to serve you its finest noodle soup in town. Each bowl of Ajisen Ramen is guaranteed fresh made and approved by Quality Control (QC). We want to bring to you not only delicious but also hygienicconvenienttasty and healthy noodleswhich will redefine the dining experience.

Reviews from customers

Proz Svet Rated restaurant 0.0

The food was amazing and the staff were so kind and generous. They clean every day if you would like. The view from my room was amazing and so scenic. The owners are so kind and pleasant to speak with. This resort was my first time being there since I normally stay with family.

Kirito Rated restaurant 4.0

tasty ramen with original japanese flavor. they also started to serve japanese dishes as well. the staffs are well trained to provide a good customer experience

Ratanak Rated restaurant 3.3

The atmosphere there is quite and the food taste good it just that the price is a bit high

Lun Sim Rated restaurant 4.3

The food has a lots flavor and the service was good. This resort was my first time being there when I stay with my supporter from Japan.

Thona Rated restaurant 5.0

have any discount ?

Maruko Suki Rated restaurant 3.3

This is a Japanese restaurant. The taste of food is good for the people who like eating Japanese food. for service is really good with the fresh and romantic environment. For the price is a bit expensive.

Kong Vongratanak Rated restaurant 3.0

The atmosphere there is quite so you can enjoy your food peacefully and talking about food it taste amazing and i think that it is the best ramen shop in phnom penh, but it just that the price is expensive.

Ah Ya Pich II Rated restaurant 4.0

I like eat Japanese food . The taste of food is good for the people who like eating Japanese food. but price is a bit expensive

Phou Lin Rated restaurant 3.7

I used to test the food in this restaurant and I like some food like Dumplings, Pork Jowl it's delicious.


yes me too

Chhun Chamrong Rated restaurant 4.0

Not really a Japanese taste too me but it's good with its pork soup ramen. Been there for a few times with friends. I still like interior design and its greeting from friendly staff.

Chhuon Dalay Rated restaurant 0.0

Katsu-Kare​​ ជាប្រភេទអាហារម៉្យាងដែលមានរស់ជាតិឆ្ញាញ់ ហេីយបុគ្គលិករស់រាយរាក់ទាក់

Piseth AG Rated restaurant 5.0

I really love Japanese food. The taste of food is good and good add design food. especially environment here is good.

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