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(8 Review), Western food, Asian, Desert/Ice-cream, Sea food

Recommended Menu

Bio Pork Chop

Suprême of Chicken comfit with Tamarind with Creamy Mustard sauce

Beef Tartar (Bassac Style) with homemade French fries

Magret de Canard Sauce Vin Rouge

Veggie plate

Restaurant Details

  • Type of FoodWestern food, Asian, Desert/Ice-cream, Sea food
  • Type of Placelarge group, family, Romantic
  • Address132 Z13 Street 51Perpendicular to Street 51, at the end of Patio Hotel path.Phnom Penh 12000,Cambodia
  • Contact070 727 233
  • Rating [Service: 4] [Food: 4] [Price: 4]
  • Average prices $3 to $10
  • Open Hours









Bistrot Langka offers its guests a warm welcome, this charming bistrot has an elegant and congenial atmosphere with a French & Cambodian fusion menu. It is famous for its specialties (Tuna Tataki, Duck Breast or Beef filet and homemade French fries).

Reviews from customers

Piseth AG

ខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តញុាំ Bio Pork Chop វាមានក្លិនឆ្ងុយ ហើយសាច់ជ្រូកទន់ល្អងាយស្រួលញុាំ​​ បរិយាកាសក៏ល្អ ហើយកន្លែងក៏រៀបចំបានស្អាត មានភាពទាក់ទាញ

Seng Kim Yin

កន្លែមានផាសុខភាពល្អ ម្ហូបមានរស់ជាតិឆ្ងាញ់ ហើយនឹងកាទទួលភ្ញៀវមានភាពរួសរាយរាក់ទាក​ ការរៀបចំហាងមានការទាក់ទាញពេលដែលទៅមានភាពទាក់ទាញ

Ri Thy

I was surprise by this small place Good was simply amazing, gnocchi as starter and beef filet and salmon With the amazing chocolate dessert

Von Phearom

Living in Cambodia, this is our favourite place when we want to have some European taste! Every time we go to Bistrot Langka, i like (Bio Pork Chop) this is my favourite. They always can surprise us, with new options, and the perfect tastes. Yesterday we had the Camembert cheese as a starter and it was an amazing food experience. For main we had the tuna tataki with best black rice in town, and also some meat (always good). We don’t hesitate to say that Bistrot Langka in undoubtedly the best restaurant in town. Wonderful team! Keep the good job!


i want go there some day ^^!

Hean Lakhena

I went there with some friends a few months ago. Really love local french food and friendly staff there. They change some menu regularly so that you can enjoy different of cuisine every time you go. The entrance to the restaurant is a bit difficult to find. So if you go there for the first time, try asking the local nearby. But it really worth it ;)

Chhuon Dalay

Bio Pork Chop​​ i like to eat it and we also go there with family when leave from work

Dayanech Young

Fantastic restaurant! Perfect ambiance, great staff and amazing food.

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Restaurant Information

  • 070 727 233
  • $3 - $10
  • Yes, we're open! Today's hours are 6:00pm - 10:30pm.