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Coriander Indian

Fast food

Top Rated Restaurants

Happy Herb's Pizza

1 Review

Italian, Pizza, Asian, Khmer

345 Sisowath QuayPhnom Pe ...

Red Wine House

1 Review

Soup, desert/ Ice-cream, fast food, BBQ

#12, St.315, Sangkat Boeu ...

Tropic restaurant & KTV

2 Reviews

BBQ,Khmer food

St. 456, Phnom Penh

សាច់អាំងដូងភ្លោះ (Twin Coco Restaurant)

5 Reviews

Asian, Khmer, BBQ, Soup

#90 steet 566 Boeng kok 2 ...

FCC Hotels and Restaurants

3 Reviews

Western food, Asian, Khmer

363 Sisowath QuayPhnom Pe ...

New York Steakhouse

4 Reviews

Western food, BBQ, Khmer

264 Street 63(Corner Mao ...


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